The World of Sherry Lynn


I have been creating artwork in some form of drawing, gift-making, poetry-writing, painting, for as far back as I can remember. My family appreciated art, made it part of their home environment, and gave encouragement for my projects and activities. 


My painting rhythm is fast, and for that reason, acrylics, inks and sometimes markers are my mediums of choice. I paint realistic subjects that evoke a sense of deeper things not seen but symbolized, “clued”, represented, pointed to by the subject and its surroundings. My seemingly simple subjects are merely the window for the story that has taken place in my imagination. The symbolic act of a child reaching up and having hold of the knob of a closed door that is about to be opened evokes many levels of rich, insightful possibilities to ponder. My symbolism is “like using your imagination when looking at a cloud and seeing images and forms.”

Many times my subjects and scenes are taken from a dream or imagination. I always choose the bright upper side over the dark down side. My experience with “reality”, the oppressive side of life was enough, that I have no need to express the dark side of reality in my work. My paintings express joy, color, humor, and the storytelling of my imagination points to what is industrious, active, and good. Although my subject of choice are usually people, I am venturing beyond my comfort zone and experimenting with landscapes, architecture, sea life and mixed media.

Color, contrast and good composition are very important to me and my color palette is unique and original. I desire to paint classically with just that little punch of extra color for a playful twist.


I took various classes at Los Medanos Junior College starting in 1986. I finished all the Graphic Art and Computer classes which related to my employment at the Antioch Ledger. Then in order to transfer to the Contra Costa Times as a Computer Artist in the Advertising Department. I was required to take fine arts classes, my true love.

My instructor for the Graphic classes was Ken Alexander, who also recommended me for a position at the Ledger after only one semester. Thanks to Ken I had a 21 year career in the advertising field.

But my other love is painting, I took 3 semesters with Danny Adams, design drawing/color with

G. Graves. To round out my art I took photoshop class from Curtis Curlow.

I have taken classes at Mt. Diablo Adult School in Pleasant Hill. Plein Aire from

Mark Jezerny, Portrait/ Landscape Painting from George Holmes and Portrait/Landscape painting from Gary Bergren.

I belonged to a small art group - lead, taught and guided by Francis Palermo.  Francis moved me out of my comfort zone and helped me to try new things. I have since left the advertising position to spend my time semi-retired. I volunteered for PACO as the web master until it ran out of funding .

I am now a member of Placerville Art Association and won second place for my still life “Let’s eat, drink and be merry” fall of 2014. I now have my own studio and am participating in the 2015 Showcase Art Tour Sept. 226, 27 and Oct. 3 and 4, sharing my studio space with Doug Parks, a wonderful Landscape Photographer.

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Name: Sherry Lynn Morris

Gender: female

Status: Happily Married


Artist, Designer, Poet



"And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive."

Matthew 21:22 

    "There are only two ways

      to live your  life...

      one is that nothing is a

      miracle. The other is that

      Everything is a Miracle."

                               Albert Einstein



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Diamond Springs, CA 95619

Phone: 925.788-4196


What is Life without a little fun...